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Photo Feature: Zone 3 | The Ghetto Spot

Photo Feature: Zone 3

January 1, 2016 Articles No Comments

The Zone 3. Pretty much the only place you don’t want to be in the lower mainland.

Not to say there isn’t some nice areas in Surrey… wait, no there isn’t any nice area’s in Surrey haha. Zone 3 is a staple in the BC skate scene, raising Rippers like the Decenzo brothers, John Hanlon and Magnus Hanson. Clearly, there is something in the water down there.

I spent the last 8 months rolling around with Dave and all the homies putting in work for his video dropping January 9th called ZONE 3. I roll with a bunch of different crews out here in Vancouver and Dave and the Zone 3 boys are all business all the time. From uncapping spots, early morning bondo missions or doing anything in their power to skate shit, I’m constantly stoked on the drive they have to make it happen. Not to mention they roll SQUAD deep pretty much everyday which also hypes me up on he regular. The tight knit feeling of the 3 boys has gotten me super jazzed to see this video. Everyone in the squad plays a key part to the production.

Steven Burke – Bs Blunt

Steven Burke – I met Steven this summer on a 3 sesh in the city. Within about 5 minutes of seeing him skate, I knew he was the truth. He’s super comfortable on his board and makes skating look fun. But don’t get it twisted, this man is the Son of Skate Gods. You’ll understand what I mean when you see his part. Trussssss me.

David Stevens – Dave is the filmer/Team coach extraordinaire. This dude is savage. Not only does he carry a 25 lb mothership of a camera everywhere and film lines with it, he organizes a lot of skate days, films, edits and motivates the squad to get down all the time.

Magnus Hanson – Mag is the beast. Constantly stoking the crew to skate new bigger harder shit and always being super on point on and off his board, minus a few nights in Zone P haha.

Magnus Hanson – Fs Flip

Mike Schulze – Bs Flip

Mike Schulze – Mike is a boss. You can catch him at Plaza after 5 almost any day of the week. Steady putting in work on his board, and making it look easy. If I hear he’s coming on the session, I know he’s got something planned. You thought you had Heelflips? Nah Bruv. Hash has em on lock son!

Dustin Locke – Dustin brings the Tech game to the crew. starting lines with shit like Nollieflip Crooks fresh out of the car allows him to stack mass footy. Don’t underestimate this guy, he has tricks and will show you in this part!

Mikey Ray – What to say, what to say, about that boy Mikey Ray. Pretty much nothing because he leaves you speechless within the first 10 minutes of the session. Mikey is literally that good. When I first met him he was on one. casually catching the bus up from Tawassen to rip Van spots with ease. He’s the type of kid to do 5-6 tricks on a handrail while warming up for his actual trick. Nothing has changed though, Mikey is still ripping these spots, but now instead of the bus he drives up here!

Mikey Ray – Fs Nosegrind

Jordan Zazula – Fs Smith

Jordan Zazula – AKA Sketchy Zaz. You can ask the squad where the nickname comes from on premiere night. Zaz isn’t playing any games though. farthest thing from sketchy on his board, Jordan makes those hard to skate rubble roll up spots look mellow.

Ryan Siemens – Abbotsford local, Yung Mane Ryan holds it down for the far east connection of the Zone 3. Instead of the train, this guy has to take the greyhound out here, hour long ride, and does so casually a few times a month to come put the hammer down.

Dominic DeVries – Dom is a Yung Beast. The day i met him we shot a photo and I left the session trying to figure out how he actually landed the trick. When you’re a youth and you’re trying to find your style its hard know what to do at what spots. But when you get a bit older and more beast, it comes with ease as Dom is finding out everyday.

Dominic Devries – Fs Board to Fakie

These 2 G’s don’t have Full parts but I have to mention them ’cause they are always on the sesh and they Hype me the fuck up!

Tony Casano – BS Heel

Tony Casano – Tony is an OG zone 3 loc. he makes times to come skate on the weekends out of Pure love, and I’m sure he doesn’t mind making us all laugh non stop the entire time. Anytime I Meet up with Dave usually one of my first questions is, wheres Tone?

Eric Peraira – AKA Zone P, Eric lives in New West, just across the bridge from Surrey. no one else lives there out of the crew, so New West is now known as zone P. Eric is another one of those Dudes who brings the hype on the session, Get Lit P!

Interview with David Stevens. Words Ty James.


My G, how are you feeling now that all the editing/mayhem is coming to an end?

Duuude, I am pumped that all this damn computer and final cut time is ending! I knew editing a full video was going to be pretty difficult. Thankfully our Vancouver weather has been pretty shitty, so right after work I am on my computer putting in editing time…no sunshine to tempt me to go skate!

Who came up with the name Zone 3?

Not 100% sure who came up with it. I think maybe Magnus did! I originally wanted to just call the video “StillRollin2″ cause I did a video like 5years ago..but I edited that video in like 2 days over winter break. This one myself, and all the dudes have been putting in work, so I kind of wanted to make it something new!

How long has this project been in the making?

We had been filming for just over 2 years, I randomly just one day said we are going to put a video together and it all kinda just branched off…

Steven Burke – Fs Tail

Who all helps you with Production and filming?

I have actually been having my little homie Angelo Fajardo helping a lot with the filming and editing…He is editing 2 dudes parts for this video. I owe him lots of credit. He has been killing it. I’m stoked to see what he does after this!!

How do you feel about Vancouver taking the zones out? We’re all fam now!

Haha…I’m cool with it, the sky train still breaks up into 3 Zones…We always gunna be fam! We are all just born and raised in the Surrey, Delta, Langley area! A few dudes have made the move downtown and other spots!

You recently had a trip down to Cali to stay with the Decenzo brothers. How was that and will they have footy in the video?

Dude, it was sooo rad! Just a good feeling to get away and see some new spots, and of course the OG California spots! Scooter got a lot of rad clips, some I will use, some he wants to hold on for another project! Ryan also killed it of course! Ryan was actually back here in Vancouver around November, we went filming for one day and he got 3 bangers that I am going to use! Super stoked! His Cali footy will probably go somewhere else!

Ryan Decenzo – Fs 360

Who in your opinion, and this isn’t a favorites competition haha, has the best part for the video?

Hahah damn, rough question! I am just really stoked that all the dudes pulled together and made this happen! As far as ‘best’ parts, I’m not too sure! I think a lot of people are going to be surprised be Dominic Devries, I don’t think a lot of people really know what this kid can do! Another dude a lot of people may not know about is Steven Burke…dude is so stylish on a board, I can just sit and watch him skate flat! I am also stoked for a Magnus Hanson part! I think I get asked about him most! People on Facebook asking for Magnus footy all the time lol. Of course, Michael Ray too, If you have been watching Mikey, you know they boy has moves! I have been filming with him since he was like 13 years old, it’s crazy to see how far he has come on and off a board!

It’s clearly difficult trying to organize shit sometimes, do you have anyone in the crew who is the assistant coach?

This crew is pretty easy going, we are in an I-Message group chat. So usually someone makes a wake up call and we all decide where to meet up, and just go from there!

So its no joke. The boys from the 3 like to turn up,  where is the regular spot for weekend retreats?

Lol, we usually end up in the 1! Our homie Eric Pereira has a place in New Westminster right off the train, so we usually meet up at his for the pre-turn and hit the train downtown…Where we end up…could be anywhere! Then usually Hashbrown and his roommates let us use their living room as a hostel at night! Good looks Hash!

Magnus Hanson – Ollie

Do you find it hard to stay focused in the fall and winter months with the mass rain?

The weather definitely sucks for filming and skating! But, for this stage of the video its easy for editing!

Who influences you to film and stay on it?

I don’t feel like anyone makes me stay on it…But I just get stoked when people see their footy and get hyped! I have a lot of ‘filmer’ influences for sure! But I’m not really a huge fan of this new big budget skateboarding video shit! I love the old VX raw videos for sure!

Do you have anything in mind for whats next?

Nothing really in mind right now. I do want to do something for sure! I need to get out of Vancouver a bit more, make some trips happen, and just keep getting it!

Thanks for the good times my G, many more to come. Any shout outs to people who have helped make this happen?

A lot of thanks for sure! Scott Fierbach has been helping out so much behind the scenes, Coastal Riders, Benny Stoddard and Kingshit Mag, Tyler Holm, all the dudes in the video who have been throwing their bodies! Angelo Fajardo for helping out with filming and editing, Anyone who has sent me clips to help out! And of course, you! Ty James your a fuckin’ legend my dude! Thanks for all the help! And damn if I forgot anyone…Sorry!

Words and Photos: Ty James