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Van's Park Series: Vancouver Photo Recap | The Ghetto Spot

Van’s Park Series: Vancouver Photo Recap

July 12, 2016 Articles No Comments

[o]Skylar Kehr

Van’s Park Series came to Vancouver on their world tour this past weekend. I’ll be the first to say this was some shit I have never seen before. Last years stop in Van had some big names but mostly the North Westerners and a few random Yankee’s scattered throughout the field. This year the squad was mental. From heads like Greyson Fletcher and Grant Taylor, and also some Euro dudes like Ivan Federico and Robin Bolian to mention a few. I made it on the deck at Hastings just in time for the semi finals. Shit was popping off so I jumped in there and started shooting right away. I got a few photos in between kicking back with Tim O’Connor and Renee Renee.  Here’s a few photos I got from the semi’s, finals, and best trick. Enjoy!

Renee Renee and Tim O’Connor held it down on the Mic’s all day. There is no better entertainment at a contest then this combo right here.

“The Muscle” aka Chris Russell with a gnarly Indy Bone. Chris also ripped Leeside like no one I’ve seen before. Make sure you check out his Firing Line on Thrasher.

Cory Juneau was getting razzed all day for his gold chain, even Chris Pastras was letting him have it. Cory wasn’t phased though, he placed 3rd and took home 10 G’s.

Curren Caples was keeping it stylish all day, he was making hastings look like a wave pool.

Greyson Fletcher, the talk of the weekend. Greyson was killing it with the most gnarly airs including this outrageous Mute.

Pastras trying to figure out how Greyson was skating the way he was.

Kevin Kowalski did this Gap at the start of his run. He did it very casually, and it was complete insanity.

With the threat of rain all day Alex Sorgente was not phased by the clouds rolling in near the end of the finals. His Fs Ollie’s stayed on point.

In the end, it was Ivan Federico who took home the 20 G’s followed by Robin Bolian in 2nd with 15K and Cory Juneau who snatched third for 10K. Then it was time for what everyone wanted. The Best Trick!

Robin Bolian kicked things off with this high speed 540 over the hip.

Alex Sorgente blew some minds by doing this Fs Tail Pop-in from the guard Rail.

Riley Boland came in and lit the place up with this foot plant of Satan.

But the true mad man of the weekend was Greyson Fletcher. Doing both of these insane hip tricks, the Fs 270 Flip and this insane Ally Opp Bs Flip! Thanks again to Vans and everyone who came up to shred.

Words and Photos: Ty James