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Photo Feature: The Timebomb Video | The Ghetto Spot

Photo Feature: The Timebomb Video

May 12, 2016 Articles No Comments
JAson Wilson hardflip

Jason Wilson – Hardflip. [0] Ty James

When was the last time a cross Canada video was done? Like, 10 years ago? Maybe more. There have been tons of great local videos that have been released over the last few years. Shortboarding, Contact High, the list is practically endless. I love it, I love that skateboarders everywhere are committed to putting their stuff out there. In a day and age where the internet can turn out what amounts to hot garbage and call it “content”, the people who care about this little corner of the world are trying to do things the good old fashion way, while the rest of the world tries to impose its ideas on how we should do things. Instagram clips is not the way we are meant to appreciate skateboarding.

That is exactly what is going on with the Timebomb video. A group of people committed to supporting skateboarding, and putting Canadian skateboarding on blast as a whole. Tyler Holm, Timebomb’s Team Manager has been working on this project for the better part of 2 years with a team of guys that stretches from Halifax to Victoria. Not easy an easy task at all, but it has come together. A full Canadian Distro video featuring some of the sickest guys that are shredding north of the 49th parallel.

I caught up with Tyler as it was coming down to the wire to talk about this huge project. I got to his place and Cory Wilson was going through footage with Ty for his part. With all the people involved with this, it really shows how much Tyler cares about this, and even though time is short, he’s taking input from the people he is trying to represent with this video. A couple beers and some laughs, this is what we got.

Zach Noftall – Nosegrind Pop Out [o] Mike Kazimierczuk

Let’s talk about how this idea started.

Well, I just had been filming locally with a bunch of team guys and gone on a few trips, and I had been stacking up a bunch of footage. It was getting to the point where I was just working on single parts for guys, like we were going to do a part for Dillon for Etnies. But I was talking to guys like Ty James, who brought it up to me and said man, you should just do a full distribution video. It came up a bunch of times, but the idea was collaborative. The idea stemmed from when I was looking at all the footage and thought, fuck, we’re halfway there. Let’s just start putting it out there, we’re gonna do a full length. And then filmer’s started contributing and now we got enough footage so we’re gonna do this.

Mikey Ray – Switch Front Bigspin [o] Ty James

I back this idea. It puts a lot of guys from Canada on blast, which we really need. How long have you guys been working on this?

Probably about 2 years, roughly. We went on a bunch of trips, like we went to Spain. Honestly, we almost filmed a full length over those 2 weeks in Spain. We got like 10 minutes of footage on that trip, I was thinking holy fuck; this is insane. I had a lot of the video filmed already before we went on that trip. I felt like we had enough before that trip, and then after that I thought “Okay, we have enough now”. But I just kept filming because guys kept hitting me up, so now I feel like we have more than we would ever need for a video. I just want to get this shit fine-tuned down.

Cory Wilson: It’s good to know that Spain can still offer that much.

Yeah, so that was just that trip. I’ve been filming locally a bunch, and so have a lot of the other filmer’s. Like David Stevens hooked me up with a bunch of clips, Mike Davidson too. Like with Dillon’s footage and stuff. Some other guys from out East too.

Cross country, that’s hype. So who have been some of the stand out dudes through this whole thing?

Definitely Mikey Ray. Every session, he gets something. If he hits me up, or has a spot, in my mind, he’s going to get whatever the hell he’s trying to do. Mikey’s been killing it. Obviously Dillon Moore, the guy’s a beast. He handles every spot, skates with some raw emotion or something. And Drew Summersides. Those 3 have the most footage for this, and I’m really excited about how that all turned out.

Catch the Timebomb Video all over Canada.

So you guys are doing this full length in a time when web clips kind of dominate the landscape. What’s the motivation behind wanting to do this?

Since I’ve grown up skateboarding, I’ve grown up watching full lengths, and that was always the greatest thing ever. It’s such a huge part of skateboarding. It’s a part of skate history, man. I see a lot of brands out there making videos too, it’s not like we’re the only ones doing it. Like, in Canadian skating, the Dime Video just came out, Zone 3 dropped recently, Doyle’s working on his new video Street League. It’s pretty rad, there’s a bunch of local videos coming out. I think that’s rad, and I think it will always be important for skateboarding to have that. But I feel like when you put something on the internet, people don’t have much of an attention span. When we do these premieres across Canada, it might be the only opportunity people have to watch the entire video. Then we’ll release the parts online. I’m just stoked to contribute to Canadian skateboarding. This is my first full length too so I’m excited.

This is your first time doing one?

Yeah, I’ve done a bunch of edits and I’ve helped with a bunch of other ones. Like I helped Dakota with Shortboarding, and my buddy put one out a while ago called Share the Air. But this is the first one I’ve ever done.

Cory Wilson: So sick.

Yeah this is the first one but I have a really good team of guys that make me look really good (Laughs).

Cory Wilson: Now you’re in charge of making them look good. (Laughs)

Dillon Moore – Heelflip. [o] Mike Kazimierczuk

I feel like people don’t know what to expect from this video.

Cory Wilson: Well, it’s never been done before in the land of Timebomb.

I think everybody’s gonna be stoked. We’re gonna have a good time and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Exactly, right? You’re doing this as a video for Timebomb. Is this still a feasible marketing practise? You put time, effort and resources behind this, what are your thoughts dude?

Well, my boss Garret, he’s been supporting skateboarding for more than 23 years. He’s heavily involved in the community. He’s looking at it beyond marketing for Timebomb, but skateboarding has its ups and downs and we’re just trying to build the skate community as a whole. You see some of the distribution’s cutting their teams, pulling back their marketing, but I think at a time like this for Timebomb, it shows that hey, we’re not cutting back. We’re still in it. I think it encourages the growth of skateboarding as a whole. Maybe it will help other people see that we need to support skateboarding locally. Not that the other distributors aren’t killing it, but it’s just how things are right now, I guess.

I dig that. While everybody else is doing the opposite, you guys are jumping with both feet in and saying fuck that, it’s not how we do it.

If you keep cutting back, it’s not going to grow our brands or the growth of skateboarding as a whole. If that’s what we want, we have to put more in.


Arte Lew – Switch Hardflip Nosegrind Pop Out. [o] Ty James

You can’t start a fire without fuel. But in a time when you have shops folding, brands closing, and all the shit that is going on, you’re drawing a line in the sand.

All I want to do is skate and film skateboarding, so the fact that Timebomb is behind this and supports this is super rad. I talked to Garret about it and they were behind it instantly, they were super fucking hyped. We’re showing this all over the country, and it’s mostly retailers doing the premieres, so it’s a good way to do it and encourage the relationship between the shops and us. And when they see this, hopefully they think its dope. This video represents Timebomb in a major way, but it represents me and the guys that ride for us. I don’t want to make any of these guys look like jackasses, and it turns out the way I want it to (Laughs).

Cory Wilson: You’re in the thick of it all, you’re in the middle of putting it all together, so you must be questioning yourself.

Lots of questioning going on, but I think people will be stoked. The companies down in the US, like Es and Don Brown are keeping tabs on this, and they’re stoked on it. Hopefully it leaves a good impression and shows how much our guys rip.

Layne Caplette – Back Noseblunt. [o] Ty James

Skylar Kehr – Front Shuv. [o] Ty James

The last time this kind of project was done was like, 10 years ago. I think it was Yesterday’s Future. How did you organize all this? 

Just communication, man. A distro video hasn’t been done before, and we’ve got alot of great brand. So I talked about it with the team and said hey, we’re doing this. So they’re all hyped to get into this. Most of the time, the team guys would talk to their guys and send me clips. I’m out there trying to hustle and film as well. I’m always down to be skating and filming. I’m stoked on all the contributions.

So are we gonna see a part from you, Ty!?

Nah, I’ll have a couple clips in there.

I was going to say you can’t put this out there without any of your clips, man! Come on!

I wanna film a part eventually; I’d like to work on something new. I’ve been having alot of fun skating lately, I just haven’t been filming on the other side of the lens. I’ll have some in there, for sure.

Hell yeah, Ty. Thanks for taking the tim. Any thank you’s?

Thanks to The Ghetto Spot  for the support. To all the contributors and team for the hard work they’ve put into the video. Thanks to Timebomb Trading, all the TB family and all the brands for being down to support Canadian skateboarding. Thank you skateboarding.


Go watch the Timebomb Video, be it at the Rio in Vancouver, or at your local shop in your hometown. Either way, support the people that give a shit about skateboarding.

Words: Dev Stutz, Tyler Holm, Cory Wilson.

Photos: Ty James, Mike Kazimierczuk