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Ty James Archives | The Ghetto Spot

Ty James Archives - The Ghetto Spot

Lumber huff

Interview: Dillon Moore

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Dillon! My G, how's things? Things are the best they’ve ever been. Super stoked on life. Yes! When did you decide you wanted to move out here? During my bus ride to Vancouver, to do a demo in price George with the Timebomb guys. I decided Vancouver is where I wanted to live! Where did it all start, and who were your main influences? I started skateboarding when I was 7 years old living in Oshawa. My main influence was Ryan Robitaille. Who did you usually roll with in Toronto? When I’m there I roll around with Michael Kazik, Ben...
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The Oshawa Connection

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Tyjae Farrugia-Armstrong – Sugarcane The Skate Loft. Exactly what the dot has been missing threw the rough winters of the East Coast. Living in Vancouver we get those few random days a month to get out and skate, but even when it’s nice here in the dot, there’s still 3 feet of snow to deal with. Times is hard styll, that’s why the homey Evey and a few other contributors came together and copped this spot… The Skate Loft. Dillon Moore – Kickflip I recently took a trip home to Shwa city this winter and realized the only thing keeping...
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Zander Mitchell: 1611 East

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Zander TGS from The Ghetto Spot on Vimeo. Zander’s pure fun to watch shred. Prepare to have your eyeballs melted by precision skateboarding. Here’s his part from 1611 East. Filmed entirely in Vancouver and over the course of a couple months. Big props to Ty James for putting this together.

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Beaster – 1611 East

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Beaster – 1611 East from The Ghetto Spot on Vimeo. “Beaster… Pretty much the best dude alive, I’ve known the beast since OK days back in the Shwa at dons. My good homies Josh Burley and Aaron Gallas would always bring the beast on sessions as a youth and before you could blink he was tearing shit up all over Toronto. He came to stay with me and all the homeys at 1611 last summer and this is what we filmed. His style has aged well like a fine wine. Much respect Beast! Keep killin’ em player! WOOOOO!!” – Ty…

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