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Skylar Kehr Archives | The Ghetto Spot

Skylar Kehr Archives - The Ghetto Spot

JAson Wilson hardflip

Photo Feature: The Timebomb Video

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Jason Wilson - Hardflip. [0] Ty James When was the last time a cross Canada video was done? Like, 10 years ago? Maybe more. There have been tons of great local videos that have been released over the last few years. Shortboarding, Contact High, the list is practically endless. I love it, I love that skateboarders everywhere are committed to putting their stuff out there. In a day and age where the internet can turn out what amounts to hot garbage and call it “content”, the people who care about this little corner of the world are trying to do...
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Club Bangers 2

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Club Bangers 2 from Alex Doyle on Vimeo. You can guess what the soundtrack is by the title of this video, and its plain hilarious. I think everyone can appreciate Adam Hopkins knocking out hammers to Taylor Swift. Everyone in this video kils it.

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