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Photo Feature: Support Group | The Ghetto Spot

Photo Feature: Support Group

April 16, 2016 Articles No Comments
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Jack Perry Photo

Support Group is a Vancouver based homie video featuring: Reid Spak, Jordan Marowitch, Jack Perry, Marcus Samji, Liam Dawson, Corey Teskey, Ty Klassen, Ryan Fyfe-Brown, Tyjae Armstrong, Jesse Belrose, Jesse Loutitt, Cam Burrows and many more. – Jack Perry

I asked Jack a few Questions about the video and what is to be expected. If your’e in Van this Saturday April 16th come peep the Video at Vancouver Art and Leisure located at 1965 Main Street Vancouver!


Marcus Samji with some support from the group – Jack Perry Photo

Support Group. thats a pretty tight video name, who came up with that?

I think Samji came up with the name when we were playing back a clip and realized that we not only showed love for the skater that landed the trick but also gave hugs and high fives to the whole squad just for being there.

So other then Martin and yourself who else has helped with he video!? filming and otherwise.

Ty Klassen has been a huge help behind the camera, he’s always down to film and gets so hyped on how the clip is looking that it keeps you motivated to keep trying even when you’re pretty much over it. Our good homie Nick Zinger designed the Support Group logo for us and Jordan Ettinger gave us the ideas for the titles and credits.

When you did you guys start filming for the video!?

Back in May 2015 we were given a VX by our homie Nate Perrott and that sparked the interest in filming a full video.

Where has the project taken you? travel wise.

Martin and I were given a van named Bruno equipped with a coleman stove, a futon and a disco ball for 2 months so we drove it from Vancouver to Newfoundland filming all along the way. We also have a lot of ties to Sherwood Park, AB so we’ve made a few trips that way usually stopping in Kamloops and filming along the way. To finish the video off 8 of us flew to Arizona skating mostly in Phoenix and Tucson and sleeping in the ditches we were skating.

Hell yeah, what can we expect from the squad?

lots of hugs and high 5′s haha.

We all know Reid is a model, Did the find the time to film a full part?

Reid’s a natural born super star, so he’s pretty much at home in front of the lens and is able to juggle lots of camera time and photo ops. We were lucky enough to get a good chunk of this his camera time and what skating that was lost to the fashion industry he made up for with gorgeous b-roll shots.

I know you guys make some pretty serious wagers with each other. tell me about a few.

oh man, where do I even start. You may notice that my entire part is filmed in shorts, I’m in a bet where I have to wear shorts for 5 years or else I have to drink 7 Litres of my own piss over the course of a week, Tyjae wore a beer case handle on his wrist for a week for $50, Samji lost another bet where he had to bleach his hair and beard, and I failed at a bet where I had to eat with chopsticks for a month and had to get my septum pierced (bull ring style) to avoid getting a dick piercing. The list goes on and on.

how are you guys gonna find D 3′s for Reid!?

Reid lost a game of dice and was supposed to skate only switch for a month and blew it. We looked online and had a nice pair of lime green D3′s lined up for him but he wont go through with it. We don’t take kindly to this sort of lack of commitment to bets and I can see very bad things happening to him in the near future.

whats next for the squaa?!

We’ve already started filming for another video, Martin, Jordan and I have already planned a trip to Montreal this summer and the whole crew wants to make another trip somewhere in the USA again real soon.

Thanks for giving us this insite on the video my G’s, any thank you’s or personal shout out’s!?

Major shout out to the ladies we met in Tucson (Emily, Alyssa and Hannah) for letting 8 stinky skater dudes crash at their parents Air B&B for a night, that was our only bed and shower for the entire 2 week trip to AZ. Nathan Perrott for hooking us up with a free VX. Lindsey Walker for giving us the van for 2 months and TGS for showing us some love!

Jack Perry – Boardslide pop out – Marcus Samji Photo

Jesse Belrose – Fs Blunt – Jack Perry Photo

Tyjae Armstrong – Crook – Jack Perry Photo

Jordan Marowitch – No Comply 180 – Jack Perry Photo

Reid Spak – Kickflip – Jack Perry Photo

Words: Ty James, Jack Perry

Photos: Jack Perry, Marcus Samji