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Photo Feature: Shortboarding | The Ghetto Spot

Photo Feature: Shortboarding

November 7, 2015 Articles No Comments

Dakota Alison is a Local VX Filmer from Vernon BC. I first met Dak about 3 years ago threw some homies I worked with, I ended up going on a few sessions with him and a few people he was filming with for a video called Outhouse Squid, his first Vancouver video, which is a quality piece of Vx mastery if I must say myself. After outhouse, Dak started filming with more people and went on a few significant trips and decided to make Shortboarding. I asked him a few questions about Shortboarding and the struggle behind filming a Vx video, in Canada at that.Ty James

Where did the name Shortboarding come from?

Working at a skate shop, I would hear long longboarders talk about shortboards. I’ve struggled with names for a while and one day I just  jokingly threw the name out there and it stuck. I almost changed it but then Cam Schuster convinced me to keep it and I’m happy I did.

How Many Vx 1′s did you go Through during the making of SB?

5. I toasted my own 2 and borrowed Arte Lews and Clayton uhligs for most of filming and I got a new one still in the box ! Before China last year.

What Inspires you to film and edit?

Boosting Clayton’s ego.

How much focus and effort goes into goes into a full length like this?

More or less then I thought. I guess you get what you give, that doesn’t mean money at all but just how your video will turn out. I wish I put more focus into mine but things happen and it can be difficult. Especially when it came time to edit the project I had to really focus. It was all a great experience, traveling, meeting new people, skating, and filming with your friends.

Who was the easiest to get clips with?

It depends, some people would have good months and with some others, filming isn’t as easy as they make it look. Spots can make a difference but some people can skate anything.

How many trips were involved to finish the video?

5 Trips all together.

Do you see yourself filming another video?

Yeah I could see that, I’d like to do the next project all in BC.

Any Thank you’s?

Family, friends and all the people who I’ve met along the way.

Here are a few photos I shot while on a trip to Seattle and Tacoma with the homeys from Shortboarding. – Ty James

Cam Schuster is a beast. Gap 50 on an ancient Tacoma Spot.

This spot was very entertaining. Nuggy battled a short stubby middle aged American women for this Back Smith, we all know who won the battle.

Clayton Uhlig is out of his mind. he has one speed and its a speed very few people reach on their best day. he figured a BS 50 on this ledge to the end would be a casual clip for the day.

I wasn’t playing games earlier when I said Cam Schuster is a Beast. Fs Board Pop Out on a OG Seattle spot.

Taylor Senft did this in a line but I asked him to try another one for a photo and he was down, I’m stoked on how it turned out in the end. Tacoma is lit.

We randomly found this spot in Des Moines, Washington. the hotel we were staying at was pretty close so we checked the water front spot out and found these benches, Arte Lew made quick work of tings with this Switch Krook in the dark.

And of course we have to end it with the MVP of this trip without a doubt Cam Schuster. this was the first skate photo we shot on the trip. Cam told me he had an Ollie that “might” be a photo.

Words and Photos – Ty James