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The Oshawa Connection | The Ghetto Spot

The Oshawa Connection

June 20, 2015 Articles No Comments

Tyjae Farrugia-Armstrong – Sugarcane

The Skate Loft. Exactly what the dot has been missing threw the rough winters of the East Coast. Living in Vancouver we get those few random days a month to get out and skate, but even when it’s nice here in the dot, there’s still 3 feet of snow to deal with. Times is hard styll, that’s why the homey Evey and a few other contributors came together and copped this spot… The Skate Loft.

Dillon Moore – Kickflip

I recently took a trip home to Shwa city this winter and realized the only thing keeping these young players hyped is the Skate Loft. Even though we still have to drive 40mins to an hour in the gnarliest winter conditions to shralp a crowded indoor, it’s worth the journey every time. On my trip back over the holidays I stayed up on Lake Scugog in Port Perry. Nearly everyday I could count on a call from Gal or Clem with the “let’s drop a line and hook some lunkers!”. So basically all of my time north of Shwa was spent on a snowmobile or in a hut ice fishing.

Aaron Gallas – Heelflip

Cant really complain! After a while I kept asking Gal to hit the loft for a night sesh, eventually after days of hammering Crappie, Bass, walleye and Perch in the hut we set up a night sesh down at the loft with a couple dougies. The homey Paulie was down to drive so we ripped down one night in a gnarly storm and by the time we got there it was empty. Had a mellow session with a few adult pops after Gal copped this Heelflip. The 2nd time we went down it was the Vans contest of pain, for real. Ben Patterson, Zach Ferguson, Chad Wilson, Jon Cos and my good homeboy Dillion Moore absolutely killed shit, not to mention the other youth and gnarly heads that put shit down too! As the night died down I asked D Moe if he wanted to shoot something quick and he opted for this outrageous kick flip across the china bank. Having already been warm he caught the 3rd one like a G. After that I seen Tyjae getting buck with the backside 180 Sw smith? On the extension and snapped a quick photo and then we lit up a ting. Proper ending to a gnarly night. Bless Up! All in all my trip back to the land of barren suburbs was pretty entertaining. Reminds me to be thankful when I’m leaving the house on a Febuary day to go shoot in the sun.

"WOOO! it super amazing that skaters came together to have a place to skate in winter the canada life is rough much love to all the homies !! RIDE BY THE BOARD DIE BY THE BOARD!! WOOOO!"

− Dillon Moore

But real talk The loft holds it down for the heads in and around Toronto. Much respect goes to Evey and all the homeys who make it happen on the daily at the skate loft. Get up off the couch round the squad up and go peep the technique at the Skate Loft! 6 Curity Avenue, Toronto.

"East of the city we have no places indoors to skate, so when winter hits, evy’s the man to see,, the vibe of the park is always good, walking up that flight of stairs hearing the sounds of boards rippin around just geta ya hyped.. everytime theres a group of kids an there parents, everyone in the park does there part to make sure they have a blast… just wanna say thanks to evy an all the city boys for giving everyone around the city a dry,snow free place to skate, whooo!"

− Aaron Gallas