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Last Try: Skylar Kehr | The Ghetto Spot

Last Try: Skylar Kehr

November 7, 2015 Articles One Comment
Sky bs OC

Skylar usually skates things other people have overlooked or choose not to fuck with. This spot was made by a few locals Graeme Betts, Ali Yaq and Sheldon Barr. There was a small concrete hill on the other side of the basketball court that people used to try and skate. After building the quarter pipe the spot started seeing a few more people. On this day I was talking to mickenzie an hour or 2 prior to the sesh and he said he was rolling there with Doyle and Sky. I live a block away so I grabbed my bag and headed down to the spot. After balling hard on the court sky decided he wanted to get down. He was locking this bs over crook pretty much every try but slipping out as he was riding down the wall into the small ramp on the left. After a solid hour battle we called it and figured we’d come back in a day or 2. A week later the bushes were cut and I guess the city seen the DIY and weren’t too hyped. They ripped it out along with everything else in the court. I felt like this photo shouldn’t go unnoticed so the idea of “last try” came to mind. Thanks for hucking Sky!

Words and Photo – Ty James

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