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Interview: Dillon Moore | The Ghetto Spot

Interview: Dillon Moore

November 8, 2015 Articles No Comments
Lumber huff

Dillon! My G, how’s things?

Things are the best they’ve ever been. Super stoked on life.

Yes! When did you decide you wanted to move out here?

During my bus ride to Vancouver, to do a demo in price George with the Timebomb guys. I decided Vancouver is where I wanted to live!

Where did it all start, and who were your main influences?

I started skateboarding when I was 7 years old living in Oshawa. My main influence was Ryan Robitaille.

Who did you usually roll with in Toronto?

When I’m there I roll around with Michael Kazik, Ben Patterson and usually some boys from Oshawa.

Hell yes, the homies. You’ve been out here for a solid 6 months now how are you liking Van?

I love it more than words can describe. I have been really productive with skating and all around feel healthier out west for sure. I’ve done amazing things like mountain hikes and trips to hot springs, things I would never see or experience staying in Ontario. It was my first year not having a real winter either I can’t see myself living anywhere else! West cost is the best coast!

Frontside Nosegrind.

Slappy Bs Smith.

You’ve been on a few trips with the Timebomb boys in the past few years, any plans coming up?

Yeah it’s been a real dream come true being able to go on trips with all these amazing people, going on a skate trip is hands down my favorite thing to do in life! And yes am sure there will be an Etnies trip this year not to sure where we are going though.

When you were younger you were pretty rowdy, I remember one night we had a video premier and you broke your arm on a ledge trick out front, you had a bunch of broken bones back then how did you gain confidence to jump down stuff after breaks?

I never went through any confidence troubles I just love to skateboard don’t get me wrong I do get scared to try tricks but that has nothing to do with me breaking bones that’s just the way of the game sometimes.
What do you do when you’re not skating?

Kick it with the homies go camping, fishing, bike rides, read a book, when I’m home I sing and write music with my friends, I like to be always doing something, life is to fun and beautiful to ever be bored.

That’s the Dmoe I know. Who do you roll around with here in Van?

You my dawg! You’ve introduced me to so many people I can barely remember half of their names hahaha but I have mad love for you, Tay, Seth, Twa, Spencer, Chad, Arte, Jamie Walker, Tyler Holm and for the people I can’t remember right now you know who you are fam!

Haha yes! We go way back! Nothing but love, duggy. Do you have any rituals or superstitions you have before you get ready to huck?

Haha not really maybe smoke a cig or drink a beer to get some of that courage juice flowing haha.

Who gave you the inspiration to get into skating?

Lil”RY” (Ryan Robitaille)


If the big wigs came knocking on your door tomorrow would you leave it all behind to chase the dream?

If I had to move out of Canada that would be a hard decision because I can’t picture myself ever living in the states at this point in my life. I love Canada, the states is just a nice place to visit but it would be hard to turn an offer like that down.

The past few summers you’ve been able to compete in the Robbie Piontek memorial skate comp at the Ptek park in courtice, you even won a couple, how does it feel to be a part of that?

I never got the pleasure to meet Rob but I’ve heard nothing but great things. Obviously and every time I skate that contest it is the best time of the year everyone is out just skating and drinking, it’s like a celebration of life and I feel it’s the best vibes to skate around even though it is hard for lots of people it is also very beautiful because he still makes such a huge impact in the skate scene every year! Roll for ever! R.I.P ROB! And all my love to his family I’m sorry for your loss. I also thank you for all the great memories you have created for me to cherish!

Yes, R.I.P Ptek G.F.W. Spending all of that time in Toronto when you were young clearly helped with the way you ride a board. Who was your big city mentor as a youth?

The obvious people, TJ Rogers, Bobby de Keyzer, Morgan Smith

At that time shit was on the come up, who did you like skating hammer spots with in Toronto?

I just loved going with my homies from Oshawa and my brother would always be filming those were the good old days haha.

Haha yes! Did you think you would be in this position 5 years ago?

Hell no!! I’ve accomplished more in my 22 years of living than I could have ever imagined and I am so very proud and happy with this miracle of a life I get to experience!!!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Probably doing the same thing I’m doing now loving life, skating, living for the moment. A big goal I have is to get out to SF and meet Karl Watson it’s a true honour to be riding for Organika and I love the positive vibes he pushes daily. I would love to meet him and show him my appreciation in person!! Grow With Us!!!

Ollie over the bar into the bank.

How did it feel to be invited to the Berrics for a single hammer? (Laughs)

Hahaha, almost silly but an amazing experience none the less. Major shout out to the Berrics, they do amazing things for the kids these days much love to them!

Who helps you film and shoot most of your stuff in Ontario?

I know a few G’s in Oshawa who have some decent Rigs to film with. i usually roll with the homies to film!

Have you ever been arrested?

Nope and I don’t plan on it! I’m smart enough to kiss a cops ass if I have to, they aint gonna catch me slipping haha

hahaha, We all remember seeing the most insane clip of you being hit by a truck going 50 km’s. What were your Injuries from that?

3 stiches on my ear, some internal bleeding, some cuts on my hips and back, and some really intense vertigo for the next month after.

How did you recover from that process? Who was there to help you mentally get back on the board?

I recovered really fast actually and it was more an eye opener than scary or anything like that. I have been into self-help literature for a while now and that just made me realize how fast life really can be. It helped me live more in the moment and do things I want, not things I feel I have to for whatever reason. I got myself back on my board in a weeks’ time and strictly because I love it with all my heart and I’ll never stop. Life is short do what makes you happy!

Hell yes, Beast mode my G, Any shout outs or thank you’s?

Thank you Ty for everything I love you homie. Thank you to my beautiful Girlfriend, she helps push me every day! Thanks to everyone at Timebomb and Center for having my back. Thank you TGS, my mom, my brother and all my homies. Thank you life!

Backside Flip.

Word and Photos – Ty James