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Five 35's: Taylor Senft | The Ghetto Spot

Five 35′s: Taylor Senft

March 27, 2016 Articles No Comments

Taylor Senft – Bs Flip

Photo: Ty James

In today’s society if you don’t have a digital camera the average person tends to look at you like “you’re wasting your time”, but those who know, know too well. Film is one a kind, it cannot be duplicated by any digital device ever made. you can try and even get pretty close in certain situations, but when it comes to an artistic eye you can pick out a film photo within seconds if its next to a digital photo. A lot of skaters gravitate to art in some form or another. shooting, painting, writing, music. its all a huge influence on the lives we live in the skate community. after taking notice to a lot of my homies bringing old 35mm bodies on sessions I got the idea to portray their work here on the site and have them talk about some photos.

This is Five 35’s with Taylor senft.

Mike Campbell – Bs 5-0 

I had never seen anyone skate this ledge before, due to the high bust factor. On this particular day we happened to skate by the spot and notice the security guard wasn’t at his desk. Mike warmed up with a couple back 50-50′s and followed it up with a first try back 5-0. Right after Mike landed it, the security guard showed up with with a bag of Mcdonalds and told us to beat it.

Seth Cardinal – Wallride

Not much to say here but Seth is a g and this wallride is wavy. Miss you player. (he came back tho:)

Squad playing soccer

Spliff break with fam during one of the many UBC Sunday missions last summer.

Campbell on the Roof

Mikey scaled up a crazy wall to get the soccer ball off the roof. Careful up there Mike.

Will Blakley – Wallride

This is one of my favourite photo’s that I have shot. Will did the wallride a bunch of times, but I was hyped to get one with the old fellow on the bench.

Words and photos: Taylor Senft